Monash University
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Monash University

First opened in 1958, Monash University has since become one of Australia’s top educational institutions, offering a wide variety of courses in arts, commerce, engineering, education, law, medicine and science. It is one of Australia’s Group of Eight (Go8) universities because of its high standards of research, teaching and scholarship. Monash itself is split into several campuses, each of which focuses on a different area of study. For example, the Caulfield campus contains the main offices of the Faculties of Business and Economics, Art and Design, and Information Technology, while the Parkville campus focuses on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This ensures that students in each field will study in an environment that is uniquely tailored to their specific needs.

As well as allowing students to undertake a number of quality courses, the university also focuses on research that tackles present-day issues, such as climate change, cancer and terrorism. Projects are now under way that span over multiple disciplines and aim to stretch the boundaries of knowledge and provide a range of real-world global solutions. Over the years, the university has been at the cutting edge, producing ground-breaking results, such as the formulation of a highly effective medication delivery method and the development of a new kind of fuel cell for hybrid cars.


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Monash University also has a very international focus. Not only does each campus welcome thousands of international students each year, Monash also has campuses in both Malaysia and South Africa as well as an active teaching centre in Italy. As such, the curriculum has been developed to prepare graduates for positions in the global workforce, allowing them to start their careers anywhere in the world.

Academic Programs
Monash University offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research-based curricula at each of its Australian and overseas campuses. These cover all fields from science and economics to medicine and arts. Students can also enrol in various diploma and foundation year programs if they prefer.

Undergraduate Courses
These programs are either Bachelor or Honours courses, which take three or four years to complete on a full-time basis. Students can enroll in any discipline they desire, studying a comprehensive range of subjects that provide them with the foundations that they need to commence their career or to continue on with a postgraduate degree. While the number of programs offered is too vast to cover here, some of the highlights are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science: Focusing primarily on computer architecture, software development and the theory of computation, this program has been designed for those wishing to gain the skills and the knowledge to then create effective computer programs in real-life situations.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Global): Aimed at anyone wishing to get into international relations & trade, foreign affairs or diplomacy, this program gives students the chance to learn how to work within our global community. At least one semester of study overseas is required in order to graduate.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy: Combining a range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, this program gives students a solid foundation to commence work anywhere in the pharmaceutical industry. After graduation, a one-year internship must be completed in order to be accredited as a pharmacist.
  • Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Science: This double degree is aimed at those who are interested in science and its potential for development but who would also like to know how to manage and commercialise their findings in this increasingly competitive world.

Postgraduate Courses
Those looking to further their education can also find a wide variety of options at Monash University. From master’s degrees to postgraduate diplomas, there are a myriad of choices available spanning all disciplines offered by this fine educational institution. Here is a small selection of the courses run by the university:

  • Master of Music: Aimed at improving musical performance in a solo and ensemble environment, this course allows students to further their knowledge and skills in the instrumental, vocal and conducting areas.
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Education: Focusing on the development of learning and education within the community, this program deals with reflective practice, professional learning and growth, and the relationship between theory and practice in the classroom.
  • Master of Laws (Human Rights): Specialising in international human rights and its legal framework, this program covers the necessary knowledge and skills to allow graduates to then work alongside the top human rights organisations, protecting humanity through proper means.
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology: Acting as a stepping stone to a master’s or doctorate degree, this course gives students the proper foundations in all areas of psychology.

Research Courses
There are a number of research-based programs at Monash that offer students the chance to really make a difference. Through a combination of innovative topics and cutting-edge laboratory settings, Monash is an excellent environment in which to conduct any sort of research and create a noteworthy thesis. Below, we have listed just some of the offerings found at the university:

  • Master of Design (by Research): In this course, students have to develop a new body of design work along with a written essay. Research can be done in visual design, interior decoration, furniture design, etc.
  • Master of Business Systems (Research): Looking at information technology and how it applies to decision making and management, students will learn about and research a range of areas critical to understanding exactly how to use IT and computer systems for business purposes.
  • Doctor in Medicine: This program can be undertaken through the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing or Health Sciences. Through it, the student undertakes an independent research project (under the supervision of an academic) that significantly contributes to the student’s chosen discipline.
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Within this program, students will conduct their very first research project and gain a chance to make a difference in their field. This course consists of extensive, independent research, which is carried out under academic supervision

Student Life
While at Monash University, students will have access to a wide range of services and facilities. Accommodation, both on and off campus, can be easily arranged through Monash Residential Services, so that no one goes without a roof over their heads during their studies. Other helpful on-campus services include career support and development, the disability liaison unit, family and childcare services, and student financial aid.

There are also a wide number of clubs and associations to be found at Monash and students will have access to an extensive variety of activities, including art societies, movie nights, football matches and so on. Whether the focus is on keeping active, meeting new friends or expanding your mental horizons, there is certainly a plethora of options for students to choose from at the university.


Pic: Monash University.

There are an extensive number of onsite facilities available on each campus. From libraries and bookshops to restaurants and cafes, the university has made sure to cater to all the needs of its students. There is a place for everyone, whether they wish to study for an upcoming exam or simply relax with a cup of coffee.

Living in Melbourne
Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and is a great place to live for any student at Monash University. Getting around is very simple, thanks to the wide range of public transport options, such as bus, train and tram. The university also provides an inter-campus shuttle bus which can be used for free by anyone studying there.

Living in Melbourne offers so much more than just a quality education. With its wide variety of cafes, bars and restaurants and its rich cultural scene, new students will find plenty to see and do. There is also an extensive selection of shops and boutiques as well as lush parks and gardens perfect for relaxing. For these reasons and many more, Melbourne has consistently been ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

There is also an extensive multicultural community in Melbourne with residents from all corners of the globe. Currently, around 50,000 international students live in the city, coming there from Asia, Europe and the Americas. This international scene means that students will find a taste of home even though they are far from their native country.

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