Indonesian crop circles: Was a UFO responsible?
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Indonesian crop circles: Was a UFO responsible?

Human experience sometimes crashes into the dynamic cosmos of the unknown and the unexplained, casting doubts but leaving little in the way of explanation.

Such is the case with this crop circle that appeared in a rice field in Indonesia.


Although reports of crop circles have occurred down through time in many parts of the world, this is the second time one has been found in Indonesia and the very first crop circle ever to be seen in a rice field.

What does it mean? No one can really say, but the phenomenon has attracted thousands of spectators, especially following rumors that the circles might have been made by a UFO.

Officials from Indonesia’s space agency and well-respected astronomers believe the circles were sculpted by human hands and all agree that a UFO, like Mae West used to say about goodness, had nothing to do with it.

Nevertheless, the 70-yard-wide crop circle is unsettling to say the very least. It resembles a flower with a very detailed and intricate pattern. Whatever it is or it isn’t, the circle has become such a popular phenomenon that police were forced to block off the area with yellow tape and villagers have started charging entrance fees!

The circle just appeared one morning in the middle of the rice paddies in Jogotirto village in the Sieman.

Who did it and why may never be known.

Still, the presence of this crop circle is enough to send a cold shiver up even the most conventional spine.

Check out this video below about the event.


By MDeeDubroff on 16-06-2011

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