Indonesia to ban citizens from working in Saudi Arabia
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Indonesia to ban citizens from working in Saudi Arabia

Indonesia has decided to stop its citizens from working as domestic help in Saudi Arabia, following the execution of an Indonesian woman working as a maid last week.

54-year-old Ruyati binti Sapubi was beheaded after she confessed to Saudi Arabian officials that she had murdered her employer, accusing him of abusing her. The incident took place without the knowledge of Indonesia and it has been revealed that Saudi Arabia has since apologised to Jakarta for the lack of information regarding the situation.

This ban follows several incidents of harsh treatment meted out to Indonesian migrant workers in the Middle Eastern country; about 1.5 million Indonesian citizens are employed in Saudi Arabia, many of them as domestic help.

The ban would come into effect on August 1 and continue until both countries can work out a policy of fair treatment to migrant workers.

Indonesian Labour ministry spokesperson, Dita Indah Sari, said that the department would be working closely with other government agencies and would also make efforts to tighten regulations concerning overseas domestic work.

Saudi Arabia is yet to comment on the situation.