Griffith University
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Griffith University

Griffith University has come a long way since it first opened its doors in 1975. It is now regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary educational institutions and has even been described as one of the more influential universities within the Asia-Pacific region. It was the first institution in Australia to offer degrees in environmental science and Asian studies and continues to break new ground in both of these fields to this very day.

Griffith is now a multi-campus institution spanning three cities between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. With over 300 degrees and 10 faculties, ranging from education to criminology, the university can provide students with the essential skills and knowledge that they require to commence their chosen career paths with ease. In both coursework and research, this is an institution that excels at what it does, creating some of the world’s brightest leaders, thinkers and innovators to better the world in which we live.


Pic: Griffith University.

When it comes to looking after the planet and the future, Griffith University has got things covered. The Griffith School of Environment is one of the best in the world and has worked on educating students in the methods of protecting and saving the planet for decades. It contains one of the world’s largest groups of environmental professionals, ensuring that those looking to get into this field can receive the education that they need, regardless of whether they wish to become engineers, scientists or planners. Past graduates from this program now work in numerous sectors around the world, looking to create a better planet both now and in the future.

Academic Programs
Griffith University has a comprehensive range of options for students looking for the right start to their career. From coursework-based undergraduate programs to research-focused doctorates, there are literally hundreds of degrees to choose from, all aimed at providing graduates with the right tools and knowledge to reach their personal and professional goals.

Undergraduate Courses
At Griffith University, special emphasis is placed on giving students the right foundations from the start. Each bachelor degree offered by the institute covers a range of topics that are relevant to the student’s chosen field in order to boost their knowledge, hone their skills, and encourage their thinking skills, so that they then perform to their utmost potential within their first job. A sampling of the undergraduate courses offered by the university is listed below:

  • Bachelor of Environmental Management: This four-year degree gives students the chance to learn all about the different aspects of environmental problems and issues. The program consists of in-depth courses on topics, such as minimising impact, increasing sustainability, and using natural resources, as well as a significant practical research-based component.
  • Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice: Aimed at those wanting to start a career in the criminal justice system, this degree provides students with comprehensive knowledge of the world of crime and its sociological effects. There is also an emphasis on the different ways in which organisations fight crime and how these then interact with each other.
  • Bachelor of Communication: Focusing on written and spoken communication in today’s world, this degree is perfect for those wishing to find work within the mass media and communications industries. From journalism to marketing, a range of skills, techniques and theories will be covered to provide graduates with everything that they need to succeed in this competitive field.
  • Bachelor of Engineering: As one of the most flexible degrees at Griffith, this program allows students to commence their studies with a balanced range of courses so that they can then decide on which engineering discipline suits them after the first year. Current options include civil, electrical, electronic, mechanical, mechatronic, sports and biomedical engineering.
  • Bachelor of Animation: A program guaranteed to inspire creativity and wit as well as teach a range of skills and production techniques, this qualification will provide the future animator with everything that they need to start a successful career in the film, television or games industries. From concept development to 3D character animation, everything is covered.

Postgraduate Courses
Anyone who wishes to further develop their skills and continue their education with a master’s degree or a doctorate will find an extensive range of choices at Griffith. Offering both course and research-based programs over a range of disciplines, the university encourages, stimulates and nurtures students providing them with an environment in which they can grow and thrive. A selection of the university’s offerings is found below:

  • Master of Environment: This two-semester full-time degree covers such topics as climate change, economics and government policy, sustainability and education, environmental protection, and water resources. It provides students with advanced theoretical knowledge and the practical skills required to start a career in their chosen specialty.
  • Master of Music Studies: This is a flexible degree that allows future musicians to choose a field of their liking and then develop the relevant skills and knowledge. Current options include choral music, contemporary music, instrumental teaching, pedagogy and performance. Students can also choose from a variety of practical and classroom-based courses within the program.
  • Master of Pharmacy: This degree ensures that graduates are fully competent in all aspects of modern pharmacy practice and provides for them a stepping stone from which to commence an internship into this highly rewarding field. Consisting of classroom study, group scenarios and practical simulations, this program provides future pharmacists with everything that they require.
  • Master of Asian Studies: Within this degree, students will learn about one of the most dynamic regions on the planet. By focusing on the culture, history, politics and economies of countries from Singapore to Japan, graduates will gain an understanding of how these nations interact with each other and affect the global society as a whole.
  • Doctor of Philosophy: In this, the premier research-based degree offered at Griffith, students will undertake a thesis in the field of their choosing underneath the supervision of a qualified academic. This paper will have to make a significant contribution to the chosen area, which can be on anything from global warming to aerodynamics.

Student Life
Studying at Griffith University involves more than just receiving an academic education. The institute also promotes active social involvement, physical exercise and a balanced lifestyle. For anyone looking for assistance while on campus, Welfare and Student Liaison can provide help with anything from financial difficulties to tenancy advice. In the case of personal, relationship, academic and work-related issues, the university’s Counselling Service is an effective way to get back on track, and it comes at absolutely no cost. Finally, for those wondering what to do after their studies are finished, the university also provides a handy Careers and Employment Service to give students the advice that they need to succeed and prosper after graduation.

As for dealing with where to live while studying at Griffith, students will find plenty of assistance in this area regardless of where they wish to stay. The Griffith University Colleges are the cornerstone of on-campus living and are a great way for students to meet other like-minded people in a safe, supervised environment. They are conveniently located within walking distance of lecture halls, sporting complexes and other useful facilities. For those who would prefer to rent a house or an apartment nearby, the university can also provide assistance with finding off campus accommodation that is affordable, suitable and safe.


Pic: Griffith University.

Living in Queensland
As all campuses at Griffith University are located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, students will find that they are ideally placed to enjoy some of the best sites and activities that Australia has to offer. As the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane has plenty to see and do, from art galleries and museums to rock climbing and cycling. There is also an extensive array of wining and dining options so that international students can find a taste of home regardless of where they are from.

South of the Griffith campuses lies the Gold Coast, one of Australia’s best tourist destinations. With long stretches of sandy beaches, some of the region’s most vibrant nightlife and several theme parks all in the same vicinity, this is certainly a worthy place to spend a long weekend or a university holiday.

Getting around the region is simple to do thanks to the extensive network of buses and trains. From the central business district of Brisbane to the beaches of the Gold Coast, students will find it fairly straight-forward to travel, whether travelling from their home to the lecture hall or experiencing some of the best sights and activities that the region has to offer.

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