Pakistan: Energy crisis, life and social media
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Pakistan: Energy crisis, life and social media

Many of those reading this post might not be aware of what actually an energy crisis means? But since the writer of this post is from Pakistan and hails from its heart, the city of Lahore, he better knows this unfortunate phenomenon like the rest of Pakistanis.

This is a situation when people are deprived of electricity for hours and hours; imagine what one can do without electricity in this digital age? This is summer here in Pakistan and weather in most of the areas including Lahore remains the hottest of the season.

The prolonged power outages have not only been affecting the country’s economy but the very social life of Pakistanis.

Those affluent, certainly the number is quite low as Pakistan is a developing country, have made alternative arrangements by installing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units or small power generators to cope with the worsening situation. But for the majority, the situation is very disappointing as they have no option but to wait for restoration of electricity.

It will be surprising for many of the readers that big cities in Pakistan have been facing power cuts for up to 12 hours while in rural areas this menace continues for around 18 hours out of a natural day of 24 hours.

This reading also shows as to how power shortage has become an emergency in Pakistan severely affecting the country’s industry and daily lives of its people.

Nonetheless amid all this mess, good news is that Pakistan held its first ever Social Media Summit 2011 titled “Network!!” recently. The event is certainly a very positive development as far as social media in Pakistan is concerned. But one can easily understand what kind of problems Pakistani bloggers and managers of social networks have been facing in prolonged power outages.

To be honest, while writing this post I kept saving each word as soon as it appeared on the screen fearing not doing so could cost me precious time owing to an abrupt power cut any time.