Charles Darwin University
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Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University (CDU) was officially founded in 2003 although the seeds of its birth go all the way back to the 1950s. With a five-star rating from the Good Universities Guide, it is easy to see that this is a university that can produce students ready to compete on the global stage. In particular, it is world-renowned for its research expertise in environmental studies of tropical and desert regions within Australia and the Asia-Pacific. The university also offers a wide range of courses in other disciplines, such as law, medicine, science and economics.

From basic educational courses to advanced research programs, Charles Darwin University has plenty to offer potential students. Not only is it a rich learning environment, but it is also a centre of internationally acclaimed research. As Australia’s gateway to Southeast Asia, Charles Darwin University has always had a global outlook and has welcomed students from all walks of life. Through this, it has become a highly successful multi-sector institution producing students who have the foundations to pursue their dreams and better the world.


Pic: Charles Darwin University.

The research conducted at Charles Darwin University is undertaken both within Australia and overseas. Aimed primarily at the cultural and biological diversity of the Northern Territory, it focuses on the following areas:

  • Tropical Knowledge
  • Desert Knowledge
  • Indigenous Knowledge
  • Southeast Asian Studies

As part of Australia’s Innovative Research Universities Network and ranked in SCImago’s Top 5 Australian Research-based Universities, CDU has some impressive titles under its belt, a sure sign that it can provide a great educational environment for its students.

Academic Programs
Charles Darwin University offers study options across a range of disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These courses can take up to five years to complete, depending on the intensity and the amount of material covered. Whether they focus on in-class study or research for a thesis, on completion, graduates will have everything they need for a solid start to their professional career.

Undergraduate Programs
CDU was developed to give students the chance to follow their educational dreams without having to leave Australia’s Northern Territory. As such, it offers a range of undergraduate programs that focus on theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to create the leaders, thinkers and innovators of tomorrow. A sample of some of the university’s best courses is listed below:

  • Bachelor of Creative Arts and Industries: Within this program, students can choose from a variety of courses in the new media design, fine arts, communications and music fields and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen specialty.
  • Bachelor of Engineering: After opting to study civil, electrical or mechanical engineering within this program, students will conduct a myriad of theoretical studies and practical projects to gain everything that they need to enter the industry with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy: A professional program designed to teach students about how medications work, their usage, and their effects. At CDU, the focus is primarily on rural and remote practices, creating practitioners who are skilled and knowledgeable enough to work in these difficult locations.
  • Bachelor of Laws: A program dealing with the legal system, legal principles and methods of research, analysis and communication. Graduates will have studied in-depth about the Northern Territory’s legal issues, in particular those relating to the indigenous people.

Postgraduate Programs
When it comes to assisting students in further developing themselves, Charles Darwin University also offers a range of postgraduate options across all disciplines. With graduate diplomas, master degrees and doctorates available, those enrolling can reach their goals in terms of career development, knowledge and practical abilities. Below are just some of the choices available to future students:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (LBA): A program within the faculties of law, education, business and arts in which candidates conduct study and research in order to present a thesis. Other work may also be involved, relevant to the student’s chosen field on the approval of the university committee.
  • Master of Education: This program is aimed at professional teachers who wish to develop their skills in areas such as training programs, policy formation and working with volunteers and youth groups. It covers the needs of educators in an assortment of school and non-school environments.
  • Master of Accounting (Professional Practice): Within this program, students will learn everything that they need to later become professional accountants. It focuses on a range of skills and knowledge required to register a practice in either the public or chartered sector.
  • Master of Tropical Environment Management: With a focus on wet-dry and semi-arid tropical ecosystems, this program is a CDU specialty that provides graduates with enough theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience to gain a job in the environmental management field.

Student Life
While at Charles Darwin University, students will have access to a wide range of assistance, services, clubs and associations to enhance their time there. International Student Support should be the first stop for those arriving at CDU as they can help with study-related problems as well as issues with immigration, visas and employment. As well as this, the university also offers students various counselling services to help solve any personal, education or cultural issues that may arise.

Accommodation is easy to find as well, whether on or off campus. North Flinders International House (NFIH) in Darwin is located within walking distance of the university and is the perfect environment for both local and foreign students to live together in a supervised, friendly environment. There are also plenty of houses and apartments to rent in Darwin. Assistance with this may be found at International Student Support or through the university website.

For the sports enthusiast, there are a number of clubs and associations run by CDU Sport. From regular offerings such as badminton and cricket to more unusual activities like capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) and ultimate frisbee, those who like to keep active and fit will find plenty to do. As well as this, NFIH also holds a wide variety of events ranging from movie nights to cooking clubs to sand-sculpting competitions.


Pic: Charles Darwin University.

Living in Darwin
As the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory, Darwin is a relaxed location that also offers all the benefits of a large city. It is the country’s only tropical coastal city, and there are plenty of unspoiled beaches, national parks and reserves located nearby. Its proximity to Southeast Asia also makes it a smart choice for international students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other neighbouring countries as the climate is similar and the travel time reduced.

Darwin contains a wide variety of interesting sites, including museums, art galleries and theatres. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to partake in, such as fishing, climbing, sailing, golf, rugby and football. In addition to this, the assortment of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs are all proof that Darwin is a highly multicultural city, and with campuses and education centres dotted around the Northern Territory international students from all walks of life will be certain to find a slice of home at Charles Darwin University.

Because Darwin is a relatively small city, it is simple to get around. Buses frequently travel around the city but it is just as easy to get around on foot or by bicycle. Whether travelling to university or heading to work, students will find it relatively simple to get to wherever they are going. Darwin has everything you need in a city without any of the big-town hassles.

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