Chalmers Virtual Tour : III
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Chalmers Virtual Tour : III

First of all, I apologize to keep you waiting for my new post. Being home is brings lots of laziness with it so carried away a bit in comforts : P. So here it is now, the last part of virtual tour of Chalmers. Today I will show you the library and area around M & E building of the campus where most of the mechanical and electronics and IT masters programs are taught.

We will start with a typical building, again one of a kind called copper dome. Historically this building was used to carry out electrical engineering experiments. But now it is used as a rock climbing facility on campus. So if you are adventurous and looking for an interesting sport this is the closest you can find.


Moving on from this building you can see one of the entrances of EDIT or E building. We used this building a lot for group exercises because it houses most of the group rooms on campus.


On opposite side of this building you can see a long series of yellow brick building which are many lecture halls named from HA to HC. There are couple of computer labs in the basement.


This is where I attended most of my lectures.IMG_3323

Moving down to crossroad of Maskingrand and horsalsvagen you can see a sun deck to hang around in sunny days. Just after that stand M building.

IMG_3326  IMG_3328

Following pictures shows study hall of M building and lunch room.


IMG_3329  IMG_3330

These pictures are looking deserted because I clicked them on a weekend. But usually on busy days these places are bustled with students studying, eating, chit chatting or just hanging out.

Now we move on to library which is one of the greatly managed services on campus. You all will get a tour of library in first few days where you will receive your library card which will make you ready for your literally experience.


Basically Chalmers library has huge collection of books on all kinds of areas, both physical copies of books and also an infinite collection of eBooks, science journals and online databases. So you can find almost anything with just few clicks.


Library houses a reading room and various seating areas with silent and appealing environment for reading or studying for exams.



See you soon!!