Why study business?
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Why study business?

Business today is conducted on a global platform. So going abroad to study business could put you one step ahead of the competition. And who knows where it could take you? Perhaps you’ll join a global blue chip company, may be you’ll work in the entrepreneurial sector or go into consultancy, you could even start your own business.

International experience

With these endless possibilities, a business degree at postgraduate level will give you an excellent grounding on which to base your business career. What’s more, gaining that qualification abroad will have exposed you to the intricacies of global business and encounters with people from all over the world.

Indeed this contact with international colleagues and students is a key benefit to studying business abroad. Experiencing how people from different cultural backgrounds approach and solve problems is an important part of your learning. It is also this melting pot of cultures that makes studying abroad so stimulating and rewarding. Where else would you get first hand knowledge of working in an international team, before embarking on your career? The understanding you gain from such diversity will be invaluable in your working life and may help you clinch that vital first role.

Real business skills

When it comes to job searching, business master’s degrees or MBAs are some of the most respected qualifications that employers seek. The hands-on application of knowledge and the numerous transferable skills that the average business student possesses is highly attractive to employers. They can see that skills such as creative problem solving, managing yourself and others, strategic thinking and communication and presentation skills gives them a candidate who can ‘hit the ground running’. For their business, the potential cost-savings on basic training and building up their new employee’s competencies is a crucial consideration when choosing between candidates.

Job search skills

International experience from studying abroad, particularly in UK where business students are much sought after by employers, gives you a powerful proposition as a candidate. To make the most of your job searching, Oxford Brookes University Business School is highly skilled at helping students put together their CVs. We advise you on everything from format, to content, to covering letters. We also provide a great resource of job search databases including international ones, and can help with interview skills that will really make you shine.

Innovative teaching

On the subject of standing out from the crowd, you’ll find there are some innovative elements being introduced to many current business courses. For example, Oxford Brookes University Business School offers courses that are taught in two locations – the UK and France – having developed a strategic partnership with Burgundy School of Business. The opportunity to live and study in, not one, but two overseas locations is a valuable one, and with many such courses you gain a dual award degree. As part of the MBA course you get to study overseas in either France or Poland to understand business from another perspective.

Qualifications like these not only set the courses themselves apart from the rest, but will help to set you apart from the crowd. Other innovations and added extras to the business courses at Oxford Brookes include the chance to take part in consultancy projects and visits from industry experts.

Studying business at Oxford Brookes University Business School will be a good investment in your future. You will gain an understanding of the financial, strategic, operational and organisational context in which business is conducted. Business impacts on so many areas of life, as well as on the global arena, that it is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. Studying overseas will be an experience you will never forget and could take your career to new and exciting places.