Time for Cebu, Visayas netizens to bat for #betterinternet
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Time for Cebu, Visayas netizens to bat for #betterinternet

On May 27, the National Telecommunications Commission will hold a public consultation at its regional office in Mandaue City, Cebu regarding the controversial memorandum-circular on minimum broadband speeds.

Here is the official notice from the NTC:


The NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (NTC) is inviting all affected and interested parties to the regional Public Consultation on the proposed Memorandum Order on MINIMUM SPEED OF BROADBAND CONNECTION

to be held on 27 May 2011, Friday, at 10:00 A.M. at the NTC Regional Office Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

Copies of the proposed Order can be obtained from the Office of the Common Carrier Authorization Department, 2nd Floor, NTC Bldg. or downloaded from the NTC website www.ntc.gov.ph.

The Cebu consultation is the second such event to be held outside Manila, a few weeks after the NTC faced netizens in Baguio City.

I am sure the netizens of Cebu and the Visayas are interested in speaking out about the state of Internet access, prices and speeds in their part of the country. We hope many of them will attend the consultation, and, if that is not possible, they send their written position papers to the office of the regional director of the NTC.

I just might be able to attend the Cebu consultation and I am inviting netizens there to join me. If you have something important to share, please leave a comment and we will try our best to communicate your concerns to the NTC.

There remains a long and persisting list of consumer complaints about Internet access, prices and services, and I am interested to know what Visayas netizens are being forced to endure. For while the Philippines has emerged as the social media and business process outsourcing capital of the world, we have seen telcos lagging behind in enabling netizens and businesses sufficiently and adequately.

I am interested to know areas deprived of mobile, wireless or wired Internet access in the Visayas, and the problems subscribers face vis-a-vis the telcos that operate in that part of the country.

The Cebu consultations happen a day before the second Cebu Blog Camp, and I hope the bloggers of Cebu lead the charge in demanding #better internet for themselves and our other great friends in the Visayas.