Summer has arrived!
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Summer has arrived!

We are currently having one of our driest ever years in Switzerland. We did not have a lot of snowfall or rain during the winter this year and this has continued through the Spring. It now feels that summer has arrived as the weather is hot and sunny. Although the farmers could do with some more rain we are expecting the summer to be very good.

Geneva International School has just brought a group of  10 and 11 year olds for a geography and adventure programme and we had great fun with them, mountain biking, swimming and rafting.


It has just got us all in the mood for our upcoming Summer camp.

Already we have students enrolled from 18 different countries – Switzerland, France, USA, Romania, India, Venezuela, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Italy, Armenia, England, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Kazakstan and Greece. With many more students still to enrol we are looking forward to a really international experience again this summer.

In this time of uncertainty it is always nice to know that Switzerland still represents a very safe and secure environment as well being one of the most beautiful countries in the world and having an excellent reputation for quality.

So if you are looking to improve your language skills in a dynamic, fun and exciting environment just click on our ad and we would love to provide you with an amazing Summer experience.