SKorea: Sex criminals easily become taxi drivers
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SKorea: Sex criminals easily become taxi drivers

Original TV report in Korean is at this link (includes video).


A taxi driver with prior convictions for sex crimes has been caught by police after abducting a female passenger and attempting to sexually assault her.

The National Assembly is still considering a bill to prevent the issuance of a taxi license to those with convictions for sex crimes.

Kim Jeong-in reports.


Jongro 2-ga in Seoul at 1 am on the 7th.

22-year-old Ms. Kim got into the taxi of  40-year-old Mr. Lim in order to return home.

Mr. Lim took her not to her destination but to a royal tomb in Gyeonggi-do.

There he felt her body and attempted to sexually assault her, and Ms. Kim narrowly escaped.

Caught by police, Mr. Lim also abducted and attempted to sexually assault a female passenger five years ago.

Despite a record of 15 convictions for sexual assault and other crimes he became a taxi driver.

An official of the taxi company that employed Mr. Lim said that “we did not inquire about it (the prior convictions) and just looked at his resume… because we never have enough people.”

In March of last year 41-year-old Mr. Ahn abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered three female passengers in Cheongju.

Mr. Ahn also had previous convictions for sex crimes but had no problem working as a taxi driver.

With a string of violent crimes by taxi drivers, last year the government said it would lengthen from two to five years the length of time of restrictions on violent criminals’ work eligibility and prevent sex criminals from becoming taxi drivers.

However, related bills remain under consideration in the National Assembly.

Even when passed, however, the law cannot be applied retroactively and the fears of female passengers may be difficult to lessen.

I wonder whether the law really can’t be applied retroactively, or if the reporter is just guessing. I’m no expert in Korean law, but it sounds to me like the sort of thing that would apply retroactively.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that many taxi drivers have records, as supposedly it’s one of the few jobs available to ex-convicts. And given some of the nutty conversations I’ve had with drivers, I can believe it.