Philippine city holds mass circumcision
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Philippine city holds mass circumcision

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Officials say hundreds of boys in a Philippine city have turned out for a daylong “circumcision party.”

The event in Marikina city east of Manila aims to promote safe circumcision in a region where the surgery is sometimes performed by non-doctors using crude methods.

Some boys cried in their mothers’ arms while others bit their shirts to stifle sobs as doctors carried out the free surgery Saturday on dozens of makeshift operating tables inside a sports stadium. Outside, other boys lined up to await their turn.

Officials say at least 1,500 boys from 9 years old and up registered and more than 500 were circumcised before noon.

Vice Mayor Jose Fabian Cadiz says the city has applied for a Guinness World Record for most people at a circumcision event.