Parting is such sweet sorrow!
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Parting is such sweet sorrow!

We are sad to say the time has come for our lovely Japanese students from Aichi University to return home as the end of year approaches. However, we couldn’t let them go without asking them to share some of their favourite experiences in the UK and at Newman.

 I was very happy to see how much they had enjoyed their time here and what a wide range of activities they took part in.

 Womens BasketballOne of my wonderful experiences was to join basketball team. First, I was worried about two things, one was whether I could communicate with my team mates or not, because of my English. The other was I could play basketball well or not, I have not played it long time. But my team mates are very nice and friendly. We also had some games. When we had an away game, we went to a university by bus. It was like a short trip!! I had a great time in my team. Thank you very much and I really like my team.-Kayo  




 A British 21st Birthday Party I would like to write about my best friend’s 21st birthday party which is held by his parents. It was in his parents’ house in Shropshire, near Wales. I went by train, and in the train, every notice was written in both English and Welsh, which was really interesting for me. The house was in countryside and was really beautiful. In the party, I enjoyed talking with his relatives and friends, also some typical British party foods cooked by his mother. This was the first time to go to British birthday party, to be in really countryside, to be in typical British house, so everything was new for me and fun to see. I had a really great time.-Misako


Teaching JapaneseThe most interesting experience for me was Japanese lessons I did here. I taught Japanese in Newman and one secondary school. I’m going to write about in secondary school. At first, I was really worried whether I could teach them correctly because my English was not enough to teach something. But teachers there cheered me up and children were so curious about Japanese culture so I could manage it thanks to them. Since I’ve started that, I always feel I want foreigners to know Japan more. It was very nice opportunity for me.-Nanako





Choir FestivalOne of my memorable experiences in Newman was to join the choir. Although I’ve loved singing and sung many kinds of songs in my university in Japan, it was my first chance to sing Requiems and it was really interesting. Everyone in choir was nice and I couldn’t’t wait for every rehearsals. In the end of February, we took part in the annual choir festival in Lincoln Cathedral and it was great! Hundreds of people sung more than ten Requiems in beautiful cathedral, which was very impressed. I felt that music was common in the world! I will never forget this fantastic experience! Thank you very much.-Tomoyo


Comparative EducationI am interested in comparative education so that it has been a good opportunity for me to have had observations on some schools in England. For example, I visited Summerhill school which is the most famous for free school education. I was quite impressed with their teaching method and the children’s independent attitude. Moreover, I took school placement at a primary school once a week regularly. That was another great experience to expand my knowledge and view on education. Thank you so much for all the teachers, staffs and the people who I met in the local community.-Yuki    yuki2-240x180


If you would like to know more about what Newman has to offer there is further information specifically for international students on our website or if you have any questions we would be happy to help. So contact me by email at or you can call +44 01214761181 ext 2467.