SKorea: Parent assaults teacher over corporal punishment
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SKorea: Parent assaults teacher over corporal punishment

Original article in Korean is at this link.

Police are investigating after a parent of a student at an elementary school in Gongju got into a fight with a teacher who had scolded the student.

38-year old Mrs. A assaulted teacher B at approximately 11 am on May 24 at the elementary school in Gongju, according to Gongju police.

Teacher B sustained injuries requiring three weeks to heal and is being treated in hospital.

Mrs. A went to the school in a fury after viewing a “corporal punishment video” in which teacher B appeared to use corporal punishment on her 13-year-old son, and teacher B told her that “at the time he had been using foul language to female students and bullying them, so I warned him but he was disrespectful and so I punished him.”

Police plan to summon Mrs. A on the 26th and open an investigation, and the office of education will be involved as well.