Most-read articles of the week — May 1, 2011
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Most-read articles of the week — May 1, 2011

I’m mixing things up a little this week. We’ll start off with the most-viewed stories in the global news category, to get a look at what overseas stories Koreans were paying attention to.

1. An article about the thoughtless people who park illegally.

2. An amusing GIF of a rugby player giving an opposing player the ol’ ddongchim.

3. A corpse flower blossomed in Switzerland.

4. The Beckhams attended the royal wedding you may have heard about.

5. The royal wedding.

6. The royal wedding.

7. In Action Comics #900, Superman renounces his American citizenship in order to eliminate the view that he is merely a tool of American foreign policy. Tea partiers cheered the expulsion of another illegal immigrant.

8. The royal wedding.

9. An 18-month old child signed a contract with a pro soccer team in The Netherlands.

10. The royal wedding.

And now, the top 10 in (Korean) society stories.

1. An Ohmynews article about Kim Mi-hwa, the comedian turned MBC radio news host who says she was “blacklisted” by KBS for political reasons and is now being sued by KBS for defamation over that accusation, which has been confirmed in print by anonymous KBS employees.

2. Schools don’t know what to do about a supposed trend of elementary school girls wearing makeup.

3. An article about police catching subway gropers.

4. Women college graduates are discriminated against for being over 25, although men are not.

5. A man and his son were arrested and charged with keeping a runaway teenager in their home, raping her, and impregating her.

6. A man who raped and murdered his mother committed suicide in prison.

7. A woman was beaten by her boss for not keeping the office clean enough. 50 other employees watched but did nothing.

8. The Supreme Court commuted the death sentence of Kim Gil-tae to life imprisonment and Yonhap News interviewed the mother of the young girl he raped and murdered.

9. In what may wind up being the most-ignored law ever, the government says that internet cafes and pool halls will now be no-smoking areas.

10. Netizens responded with merciless mockery after Seoul announced that its pedestrian walk/don’t walk signals would include representations of women to avoid the appearance of sex discrimination.