King’s answers
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King’s answers

How can personal freedom be balanced with national security? How can women gain greater representation in African societies?… How can our centuries old legal system adapt in our fast moving, increasingly globalised world?…  What will it take to eradicate poverty?…

Here at King’s our academics and students are busy finding the answers to global issues that are already affecting millions of people – or soon will. We have taken up the challenge to effect major change in three areas by 2015:  Neuroscience and mental health; Leadership and society; and cancer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there are thousands of researchers at King’s working on hundreds of  issues, many of them global in their impact.

In fact the spirit of discovery is something inherent in King’s students, and over the course of this blog we will hear from a couple of them. What do they think are the big global challenges of the future? What inspires them to work on finding the solutions to these challenges? If they succeed perhaps some of them will make their own piece of history.

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