Karolinska Institutet
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Karolinska Institutet

In the competitive field of medicine, Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Sweden boasts of being the country’s sole medical university along with being its largest centre for research in the field. With a mission to continuously help improve human health, KI is the driving force behind over 40% of medical research in Sweden.

The university that proudly selects Nobel laureates in Physiology and Medicine through the Nobel Assembly, KI also hosts Sweden’s most diverse range of education in the medical field in its two campuses – in Solna and Huddinge.

Building on natural collaboration between fields, KI works towards the medical and personal development of its students. KI has a vast range of degrees to choose from along with exchange programmes that benefit both Swedish and international students and help them study at partner universities across the world.


Photo by Camilla Svensk.


With 22 departments spanning two campuses in the Stockholm region, KI hosts a variety of choices including Dental Medicine and Environmental Medicine.

The renowned research centre at KI maintains focussed concentration in order to be able to produce the highest-quality findings in a limited time. Research is carried out in, but not limited to, fields including breast cancer and aging.

Summer courses are available at the university and this year a distance programme in EU Basics in Public Health worth 7.5 credits is in the spotlight. The programme looks to build understanding in public health nutrition from a European perspective, focussing on the structure and organisation of the European Union (EU) and the bodies working with it towards public health activities in the region.

Freestanding courses taught in English are available for international students including an Advanced Course in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Design and assessment of learning, Nanomedicine and programmes in Neuroscience.

Study Abroad at KI offers students the opportunity to travel to a host of different countries abroad as part of their programme. This includes exchange studies at KI’s partner universities such as Aarhus University in Denmark.

Global Master’s Programmes

KI offers one- and two-year Global Master’s programmes taught in English for the benefit of international students. True to its name, these programmes bring out the best of world-class research and education to pack in quality degrees with comprehensive teaching methods.

Bioentrepreneurship is a relatively new field of study which brings together social sciences, biomedicine, natural sciences and technology. This two-year interdisciplinary programme is designed for students with a background in medicine, natural sciences or technology. This programme is popular for its application of knowledge in the real world and often uses real cases for learning.


Photo by Camilla Svensk.

Biomedicine, a two-year Master’s programme, looks to advance knowledge in the diverse and escalating field of biomedical and molecular medicine with an overall aim to contribute to improving human health. With a strong focus on independent work, students are trained to address questions and develop a keen understanding on matters of mechanisms and therapeutic strategies.

Global health is an exciting programme that combines varied disciplines such as public health, biomedicine, epidemiology, demography, health economics, political science, environmental sciences, sociology and anthropology to provide a new platform for research. With an aim to tackle the health challenges facing the world today, this programme focuses on how research can contribute to meeting these challenges.

Health informatics, another two-year programme, teaches methods to improve modern healthcare through competent management of information and its analysis. Studying methods and techniques for collection, management and evaluation of medical information, the programme is essential for clinical research and care provision.

More details on programmes and the application process can be obtained here

Life at Karolinska Institute

Sweden’s exclusive medical school, KI promises an education experience like no other. Home to the Nobel Prize, life at KI is speckled with corridors and lecture halls where students from across the world gather to participate in a premier education, paving the way to an informed understanding of different cultures – a necessary learning curve to help these medical professionals of the future.

The two campuses, located adjacent to university hospitals, play an important role in students’ educational development.

KI promises a unique experience unparalleled to any other, providing students with a hands-on experience in the practicality of healthcare provision.


Huddinge Campus. Photo by Camilla Svensk.

Studying in Stockholm

The largest city in the Nordic countries with 80,000 students, 5,000 of which are international, Stockholm brings together a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. The city’s 100-strong museums coupled with a variety of activities provide something to do for everyone. Renowned for its opera, theatres, dining and nightlife, Stockholm offers quality education with the right blend of entertainment.

Student unions play a large part in education in Sweden as they often form influential roles in university. Academic issues, student welfare and social activities form the principle behind student unions in the country and students at KI exemplify it. These unions are also responsible for organising parties and other events along with playing a large part in international collaboration and educational development.

KI is also home to a plethora of sporting activities including fencing, mountain-climbing and its own gym, among others.

Words from KI

KI has spent years shaping future medical talent and raising the bar in medical research and education. Discussing the heritage of the university, excerpts from KI on the tradition of world-class future breakthroughs reads:

“As you enter the campus of Karolinska Institutet, you’re putting your feet on historic ground. A place of scientific breakthroughs and Nobel Prize winners. Yet a dynamic institution setting itself up for the methodology needed for future success. Possibly with you as part of the team.

“Originally created for training army field surgeons 200 years ago, Karolinska Institutet today serves as a first-class greenhouse for a new type of force. The brightest and most creative group of medical entrepreneurs, doctors and scientists around. A force to be reckoned with.”

Are you up for an education from the best? A world of quality research and high-class objectives awaits you.

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