Is it safe to travel to Japan yet?
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Is it safe to travel to Japan yet?

Lonely Planet provides a good run through of what to expect if you return to Japan shortly in a new page added to their site.

Japan was to be on my list of places to visit this year so I’ve taken stock of the notes too.

They cover Tokyo and mention other major cities like Osaka and Kyoto and the region around Fukushima.

Here’s a highlight from their report:

Why it’s a good time to go to Japan

Post-disaster, it may seem a little crass suggesting that Japan travel deals are to be had, says our Asia-Pacific travel editor Shawn Low (@shawnlow). ‘But there are and, as clichéd as it sounds, visiting the unaffected areas as a tourist can help bring about the revitalisation of the economy. It’s important to remember that the country is still in mourning, so go with compassion.’

To read their full report click here.