Baker on the Yingluck campaign poster
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Baker on the Yingluck campaign poster

Below is a campaign poster for Yingluck that is currently over many parts of Bangkok – since at least early Saturday, May 21:


Source: ThaiElection11

Well-known scholar Chris Baker has a post at New Mandala on the imagery associated with this campaign poster – he also has a higher quality image. Some key excerpts:

Over last weekend, Bangkok was smothered with posters of Yingluck Shinawatra. Probably most of Thailand too. The poster is the first shot in Pheu Thai’s election campaign, and what a shot.

First off, it is a far higher quality photograph than we’re used to on election posters. Its first message is simply “quality.”

The poster presents Yingluck as simple and serious, but above all as real, physical, close enough to touch.

The overall feel of the Yingluck poster is cool, quiet, unaggressive. The disturbing factor is the hair which is aggressively feminine.

The rules and conventions of Thai politics have been shaped by the male domination of the political world. Yingluck’s hair presents a tricky challenge. How do you attack this without looking like a brute?

BP: Chris also provides a contrast with Abhisit’s campaign posters. For an alternative view, see Somtow’s blog post. The image of Yingluck is a complete contrast to how she is appearing on the campaign trail in Udon Thai, where she is decked out in her Puea Thai outfit and is more down-to-earth. Contrasting images….