Most-read articles of the week
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Most-read articles of the week

Top 10 in society.

1. Lee Hyo-ri told the story of mild embarassment she felt after looking comparatively fat when pictured next to Kim Hee-sun.

2. A man was arrested for setting up a hidden camera in his neighbor’s bathroom.

3. A group of foreigners drank alcohol and played poker on the subway in Seoul.

4. The Express Bus Terminal in Gangnam, Seoul Station, and other transportation sites were the subject of a series of explosions using gas canisters stuffed into lockers.

5. May rather than April is supposedly the cruelest month for Korean workers, as their pay is naturally unchanged but their living expenses are double what they are in other months.

6. A recent spate of cases of severe pneumonia produced their first death.

7. A man who had been a braggart about his financial success was kidnapped by three of his friends and held for ransom.

8. A teacher who slapped around a student for being late to a school trip at an amusement park was arrested.

9. An anti-Japanese internet post claiming connection to the Korean equivalent of “American Idol” was revealed to be fake.

10. On his wife’s birthday, an elderly man stabbed his daughter-in-law to death.