Tips on completing your university application form – Part 1
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Tips on completing your university application form – Part 1

So you want to apply to study at Newman University College and are probably wondering what to do next. Well, you have two choices, you can apply directly to Newman or you can apply through the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). To apply directly to Newman you will first need to download a copy of our application form.

If you do apply through UCAS the code for Newman University College is N36. The application process is done online and the application deadline for International (Non-EU) Students is 30 June 2011. So what is the cost through UCAS? If you choose to apply to more than one course, university or college you need to pay £21 GBP. If you only apply to one course at one university or college, you pay £11 GBP. UCAS is also a good source of general information for students applying to UK universities.

However, whichever way you decide to apply accuracy is essential. Please make sure you fill in every field on the application form. It is particularly important that you tell us the following:-

  • Your level of Englishe.g. IELTS
  • Name of your secondary school
  • List GCSEs or equivalents and results
  • A Level equivalents that you are taking or have taken and results/predicted results
  • Send in transcripts as well as certificates
  • Provide references
  • A personal statement

When choosing a course it is important that you match your skills, qualifications and career aspirations to the course you are applying to. Make sure you check our entry requirements and double check for any essential prerequisites. This is particularly important if you are applying to popular courses.

You may need to check your qualifications are suitable for the course of study you wish to take. If you are unsure whether or not your qualifications meet our entry requirements, contact us at Newman and we will be able to advise you.

As an international student you should also check that the course is at the relevant level of study and length to entitle you to a UK visa for study. You will find up to date information and support at the UKCISA website. Please be aware that you cannot study a part time degree – only a full time degree – so be very careful when looking at courses online and in prospectuses and make sure there is a full time option.

This may seem a lot of work but it is well worth the effort as it means your application is more likely to go through the process smoothly as we will have all the information we need to make you a speedy offer.

If you need to know more about Newman before you apply there is further information specifically for international students on our website or if you have any questions about your application we would be happy to help. So contact me by email Tina, at or you can call me on +44 121 476 1181 ext 2467.

Good luck with your application!

Coming in Part 2……. What is a personal statement, and tips on how to write one?