South Korean garlic field reveals $10 million in cash
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South Korean garlic field reveals $10 million in cash

The dark skills associated with money laundering are not always available to those who run illegal operations, and one family decided to hide their ill-gotten gains gleaned from an illegal Internet gambling operation in more or less plain sight.

South Korean police uncovered $10 million buried in a garlic field on a farm in Gimje, situated some 160 miles south of Seoul.

Police claim they have confiscated the money and arrested the 52 -year-old farmer whose surname is Lee. He claims that his two brothers-in-law had asked him to hide the money. One of them is currently in prison and the other is on the lam.


Details about charges the two brothers-in law will face, and whether the money found in the field will add to them, are sketchy at best.

Police later recovered more money from the illicit gambling operation. About $1 million was found in Lee’s son’s rental car and more than $100,000 in the family’s apartment in Jeonju, North Jeolia province.

Authorities believe that even more money may be out there, totaling as much as $15 million, but where it is hidden is anyone’s guess.

Has anyone checked the barn near the garlic field even though most of the animals have gone?


By MDeeDubroff on 29-04-2011

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