Mano a mano with Revillame-basher Jim Paredes
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Mano a mano with Revillame-basher Jim Paredes


Some of the entertainment personalities who have come out denouncing Willie Revillame, among them Jim Paredes (top left). (Photo from

I had this exchange with Jim Paredes on Twitter, after I accused him of lying about his statements to the press on Willie Revillame. He then blocked me. Quite a sport, that guy.

In this post, I accused Jim Paredes, member of the anti-Willie Revillame crowd, of lying when he told reporters that he did not say bad things about Revillame when, in fact, he did. He apparently deleted his tweet that called the March 12 episode of Willing Willie disgusting, degrading and a case of child abuse.

Sometime later, Paredes tweeted this:

PAREDES: I commented about the show, not willie personally. I think you are scraping the bottom like a coward.

And so naturally, I replied.

CORDOVA: really? then why delete it?

CORDOVA:  “Hey, Willie. Your show is disgusting. It’s degrading. It abuses children. But don’t take this personally.” Is this about right, @jimparedes

PAREDES: No,, your putting quotes where there are none. Some reporter you are.

CORDOVA: who says i’m a reporter? i’m just an SOB with time in my hands, jimmy boy.

CORDOVA: you’re the one who deleted a tweet that could put you in trouble. who’s the coward?

PAREDES: If you want to meet and discuss this, I will be happy to meet you. YOu got time..

CORDOVA: don’t deflect this, man. this is not a pissing match. i’m just saying you lied.

PAREDES: I’m saying i did not. . So let’s meet and settle this, Cordobaby. It’s abour cowardice isnt it?

CORDOVA: ok, if u say so. no, it’s not abt cowardice. it’s abt self-respect, to stand by what u say if it’s at expense of another person.

PAREDES: Let’s shalke each other’s comfort zone with our views face to face , not with unfounded conclusions.

CORDOVA: jim, jim. you are resorting to this macho mano a mano BS, which is a classic instinct of somebody caught red-handed.

PAREDES: Self-respect is not hiding behind a blog when you can say it straight to a person, Cordo baby.

CORDOVA: so did you say what you said about revillame straight to him, in person? no, i don’t think so. you tweeted it, fercryinoutloud!

PAREDES: I don’t hang around with Ehen we shared a show, we talked about things like this. And more..

CORDOVA: oh that’s so lame, jim. have a sit before you hurt yourself.

PAREDES: What’s macho about talking? Afraid you will lose your bias? afraid you ‘ll see the truth?

CORDOVA: funny thing, jim, is i was actually with you on willie. but then i saw the double standard, the hypocrisy. that’s the truth.

PAREDES: Not true. Your blog was gungho willie all the way. Nagpapabango ka pa with that last statement.

CORDOVA: really? you probably read the wrong blog. but in case u missed my earlier posts, i tell you this: i don’t like what he does.

PAREDES: Cordo baby, let’s DM if yo don’t want to meet. This is getting boring for everyone.

CORDOVA: no, no dm. this is very instructive for everyone. my followers love this.

PAREDES: So let’s meet. Afraid? Guess so. No twiitter war with you. Bye

CORDOVA: And just like that, the great @jimparedes, the protector of the spirit of Edsa, blocked me because I showed him to be a liar.

(Note: Before this exchange on Twitter, Paredes sent me a direct message — which I failed to read beforehand — denying what I wrote. “I dont know if I did,” he wrote, referring to my charge that he tweeted negatively about Revillame. “And even if I did, I did not even name or insult willie so your premise is wrong.” And then he added, rather pompously, “DMing so as not to embarrass you.”)

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