Foreign English teacher sexually assaulted in Anyang
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Foreign English teacher sexually assaulted in Anyang

Original article in Korean is at this link. Hat tip to commenter Mryouknowho.

Update: The Chosun Ilbo seems to have taken down the original article, but you can still read it at Naver.

The Anyang Manan Police Station announced on the 19th that it had arrested 18-year-old A and two others and arrested without detention 18-year-old B on charges of jointly sexually assaulting an intoxicated female foreign English teacher.

According to police, at approximately 12:05 am on the 12th in the Anyang1-dong neighborhood in Manan-gu, 24-year old Ms. C, an American who teaches English in a hagwon, was drinking with them in a bar and afterwards they followed her to a yeogwan [a type of small inn] and repeatedly sexually assaulted her and took her cellphone and other articles worth 800,000 won.

They approached Ms. C and began drinking with her after her companions had left. Ms. C was so intoxicated that she was unable to move and they took her to the nearby yeogwan. After arriving at the yeogwan they decided on the order in which they would sexually assault her.

They told police investigators that they “at first just wanted to drink together, but when Ms. C became very drunk got the idea to sexually assault her.” Police said that “none of the four have previous convictions for sexual assault.”

The next day Ms. C went to the staff in the hagwon she works at and told them of what happened, and they contacted police together. Ms. C works as an English instructor in the hagwon area (학원가) of Pyeongchon and came to Korea six months ago,