Your international career starts here
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Your international career starts here

If glamour, travel, sociability, and “not your average 9-to-5” job are what you want, then a career in the hospitality industry is the right path for you. It’s a global multi-billion dollar industry, and The International Hotel School (IHS) could be your ticket in.


Where will your dreams take you?

The hospitality and tourism industries are closely linked, with opportunities in hotels, ski lodges, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, game reserves, transportation, cruise lines, casinos, and more. You could have a successful career as a hotel manager, travel journalist, restaurant manager, top chef, travel consultant, club manager, banquet coordinator, event planner…a whole host of career options opens up to you.

See what South Africa has to offer

Established in 1994, and a division of the Three Cities Group (one of South Africa’s leading hotel management groups), The International Hotel School is one of South Africa’s most prestigious training centres, and the ideal environment for gaining knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry.

With schools around South Africa – in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban – IHS offers internationally-recognised Diploma courses, and placement for all graduating students.

South Africa’s not called the Rainbow Nation for nothing – we have over 50,000 international students studying in the country. Higher education providers like IHS are experienced in educating culturally diverse students, and training students for wherever in the world their future careers may take them. Many of our alumni can be found working in foreign countries.

Do you have what it takes?

The International Hotel School prides itself in producing excellent graduates who are often head-hunted all over the world. A well-trained, motivated individual is a sought-after commodity in the hospitality industry. And so IHS is always on the lookout for international students who are energetic, enthusiastic, and have a passion for people.

“To really enjoy a career in hospitality, you should like people, hard work, have excellent communication skills, be able to think on your feet, and be prepared to live an unconventional life,” suggests Ruth Paulsen, Marketing Manager of IHS.


The hotel industry is a popular choice given the wide spectrum of careers. To run a hotel effectively, one needs to have broad-based managerial skills, including Finance, Procurement, Maintenance, Marketing, and HR, as well as an appreciation of the specific skills and knowledge required for the smooth operation of a hotel.

Within a hotel structure, there are opportunities within each business discipline to forge a rewarding career. IHS has graduates who have chosen different career paths within the industry and done exceptionally well.

An internationally-recognised qualification

Students are trained by real industry leaders in leading hotels, guest houses, and restaurants throughout South Africa – an education and practical work experience at the same time. In actual fact, our Durban campus is a working hotel, allowing staff and students to refer to real life at any time during the course.

The directors and staff are committed to encouraging high calibre graduates, and offer a broad range of full time, traineeship, and distance learning courses, with a focus on traditional values, hospitality excellence, and world-class service. On top of your core courses, you’ll also receive guidance in life skills, job seeking, grooming, social skills, and workplace etiquette.

Graduates obtain accredited qualifications from South Africa as well as from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, recognised in 54 countries worldwide.

With these qualifications and the high calibre of work place experience, IHS students are perfectly poised for a career in the international arena of hospitality and tourism.

So what are you waiting for? Your international career starts here…

To find out more about studying at The International Hotel School, visit the website.