The Million Dollar Memo
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The Million Dollar Memo

Tourism Queensland tweeted me with a message asking me if I had received the Million Dollar Memo today.

I had not! So with curiosity spiked I clicked through to see just what this “million” entailed.

Here it is:


Tourism Queensland's Million Dollar Memo.

Basically Tourism Queensland has issued this invitation to organisations, companies, businesses and workplaces around the world asking them to compete for $1 million in incentive travel experiences.

Using a similar idea to the “Best job in the world” competition, authorities are trying to reinvigorate the tourism trade to Queensland which has suffered a battering after terrible floods and storms over the summer.

All you have to do is create a 60 second video featuring three people from your company, make it entertaining and explain why your company is so great and why Queensland is too. See entry details here.

It looks like a bit of fun. You can see some of the sample entries here:

And another here: