Size really does matter
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Size really does matter

  • Big is better.
    • Small is beautiful.
      • Quality not quantity.
        • Good things come in small packages.
          • Which one do you think is better?

How about the best of both worlds?

You may have noticed that we’re Newman University College and you are wondering what’s the difference between a University and a University College?  Size that’s all – pure and simple.  So, size really does matter.

In the UK, the only difference between being a University and a University College is that you need over 4000 students to be a university.  We award our own degrees, we deliver the full range of programmes, undergraduate, postgraduate and PhDs, but we only have just over 3000 students.  So in our case, small really is beautiful.

Quality not quantity

Our programmes are challenging, and because we have relatively small class sizes it means you can’t hide like you could in a big lecture theatre in a big university!  Your lecturers will know your name, and we have an interactive teaching style not possible in larger groups.  You’ll also get more individual attention, as the staff to student ratio is excellent and our approachable academic staff are able to meet with you to discuss projects, lectures or assessments, often without the need to book an appointment.

And being small, doesn’t mean that we can’t invest either.  Over £20 million is being invested on improving the campus for students, including a vibrant new-build entrance and state-of-the-art library, creating a modern and attractive learning environment.  This will be ready in September this year and I for one can’t wait .

Best of both worlds?

Newman is based in the city of Birmingham but not in the centre.  There are just under a million people in and around Birmingham and a student population of about 65,000 people.

We’re based about 8 miles (12 kms) from the city centre right next to the Bartley Green reservoir.  You can be in the city centre for all the bars, clubs, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, canals and shops within about 30 minutes on the bus.

If you want to explore further afield, Birmingham New Street station has regular train services to destinations throughout the country.  Birmingham Airport has flights to destinations around the world making it possible to not only visit the UK but other desintations in Europe as well.  (I’ll tell you more about a visit I took this month in a later blog)

And finally – what’s in a name?

A small name – Newman, but it means so much.  We are named after our patron, Blessed John Henry Newman, who was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church and Beatified in September 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI.  As a University College our mission is centred on the Catholic values of tolerance and inclusion and we are proud to welcome staff and students of all religions and backgrounds.

So coming up in the next few blogs: Tina will give you an update on the fundraising that is still going on for the Japanese Relief Fund; I’ll also be giving you some information on visas and hopefully about what’s going on in the UK at the moment with regards to changes to the visa system.  In the meantime, keep in touchvisit our website, comment on the post, drop me an e-mail ( or contact me via Facebook (Rhian Dobbs, Newman).