SKorea: Police brutality caught on tape
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SKorea: Police brutality caught on tape

Original article in Korean is at this link (with video).

【 Anchor 】

Two police officers have been indicted for assaulting a drunken suspect.

Although they were in the process of restraining him, the problem is that they used methods such as punching him in the face.

Eom Min-jae reports.

【 Reporter 】

Debate is growing after police officers were found to have assaulted an intoxicated suspect.

The two officers, including 27-year-old Mr. Seol, are accused of arresting 30-year-old Mr. Cha on charges of drunken driving and then beating him on the 14th of last month.

▶ Interview : Lee Seon-rae / Seoul Gwanak Police Department investigator

– “Officer S. punched the suspect in the face, and Officer K. kicked his knees and shins three or four times.”

Police said that although the assault was captured on security cameras, because the officers have denied the crimes it would be problematic to reveal the footage.

In February of last year there was much debate after video of an officer roughly subduing a drunken person was published.

Current law allows officers to use only the minimum level of force necessary to restrain a suspect.

▶ Interview: Lim Jun-tae/ Professor of Criminology at Dongkuk University

– “A very drunken person can be restrained by quickly pinning his legs or wrapping your hands around his neck, but anything to do with his face requires great carefulness…”