Philippines: 2,000 Filipinos refuse to leave Libya
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Philippines: 2,000 Filipinos refuse to leave Libya

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — President Benigno Aquino III says at least 2,000 Filipino workers have refused to leave strife-torn Libya. The workers are mostly nurses and hospital personnel.

Aquino said Monday that Filipino diplomats have made a final plea to Filipinos to leave the besieged North African nation after allied forces started launching strikes to enforce a no-fly zone and prevent Libyan Moammar Gadhafi’s forces from attacking civilians.

About 14,000 Filipinos have evacuated from Libya with the help of the Philippine government and their employers.

Aquino says it has become difficult to find a ferry, including those from Europe, that will agree to ferry Filipinos out of Libya due to security concerns.

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest labor exporters.