Interview: IUBH makes waves in hospitality management training
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Interview: IUBH makes waves in hospitality management training

With an internationally active faculty and strong links to industry, the IUBH Hospitality Management School in Bad Honnef is one of the best Hospitality management schools in Europe. With personal attention to students and student teacher ratios of about 25:1, IUBH’s Hospitality school has built a strong international reputation in a little over a decade.

IUBH prides itself on providing students with highest standards and a high-demand environment with a view to driving success and successful careers. Asian Correspondent caught up with Rector, Prof. Dr. Kurt Jeschke to ask about what IUBH can offer Asian students.


Prof. Dr. Kurt Jeschke.

AC: How many international students do you have and where are they from?

KJ: Due to our history – we started the Hospitality Management programs in 2000 – the international student body of the IUBH Hospitality Management School is the most important community on campus in terms of size and structure. In total we have 650 Hospitality students enrolled on campus. The overall proportion of international students is growing continuously. The current Summer Semester intake has proportion of 30% students who come from abroad (e.g. United States, UK, Finland, Poland, Turkey, and China).  With regard to the international students, Asian students represent a share of roughly 20%.

Why does IUBH and Bonn appeal to international students? What can you offer them that other hospitality and tourism institutes cannot?

First of all we are the only member of the Leading Hotel Schools of the World in Germany. We can provide an international faculty to our students as well as vast international experience through our Hospitality professors. Our Hospitality study courses are very much focused on hands-on experiences and we can offer a range of Hospitality Facilities on campus – for example our on-campus vineyard (by the way we are the only Hospitality University with on-campus vineyard), our Demonstration Kitchen or our Gala Dinner which are organized by students. We can also offer extensive specialist knowledge, for example, in the areas of Sustainability, Environmental Management, Casino Management and much more.

Can you describe a day in the life of an international student at your institute?

Well, of course every day at IUBH has new experiences and insights. I assume that most of our international students live on campus in one of our fully furnished student apartments, usually together with one or two other IUBH students. Depending on the schedule, classes start in the morning and there is always time to catch a coffee or snack in our Dallmayr Café on campus. After the first classes, students will have a lunch break in our cafeteria on campus and can choose between various dishes. In the afternoon, Hospitality students often take part in the Practical Programme, where hands-on experiences are taught. These include, for example, wine seminars or the organization of a students’ Gala Dinner. In the evening, several IUBH clubs offer sports activities, such as rugby, soccer or tennis. But they can also enjoy a drink together with fellow students in our “Charly’s Lounge” on campus.


Pic: IUBH.

How do you help foreign students settle in, and what other support do you provide?

All international students are contacted by our International Office (IO) as soon as they have signed their contract and are getting ready to join us here on campus. The IO offers further assistance related to pre-arrival and arrival, and ensures that our international students know who they can address with specific questions. Through our IO Buddy Programme international students are getting in touch with IUBH students here in Bad Honnef before they arrive in Germany allowing them to get a student’s perspective on living and studying in Bad Honnef.

As an international English-speaking University of Applied Sciences all members of staff and faculty in the various departments on campus have open ears for all students, including our international ones. Various events and activities – both academic and extra-curricular – which are offered to all students throughout the semester facilitate the exchange between German and non-German students.

In addition, we are of course aware of the specific questions and concerns international students have when coming to Germany to study and endeavour to make our students feel welcome in Germany from day one. We offer arrival assistance as well as special information and Meet & Greet sessions for international students during Introweek just prior to the semester. Students are assisted with formal requirements and paperwork on arrival. Further information which can be accessed once on campus is made available through our campus intranet.

Generally, the doors of the International Office are always open to our international students throughout their studies at IUBH if they have any questions or concerns related to their studies or to other aspects of life in Germany.

Can you tell us a little about IUBH’s location? What is there to do and see for visiting students? And what leisure activities are there outside the classroom?

IUBH is located in the centre of the small town Bad Honnef and just 10 minutes away from the Rhine River and the Island Grafenwerth, with many possibilities for relaxation. IUBH students offer various clubs and teams, for example sports teams, a wine tasting club, theatre clubs, a Marketing club and many more. Bonn – the former capital city of Germany – is just around 25 minutes away and the vibrant city of Cologne can be reached within 50 minutes via train. Bonn is the birthplace of Beethoven and offers a large concentration of internationally-recognized museums (arts, modern arts, history etc.) and various events during summer months.


Pic: IUBH.

Our international students enjoy excellent travel possibilities from Cologne: three-hour train ride to Paris, one-hour flight to London (many low-cost carriers are available), or four-hour train ride to Berlin. We can also offer the longest cycling path in the European Union; it is located along the Rhine River and stretches from Basel in Switzerland to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  But nevertheless, Bad Honnef itself is a very cosy town with many sports clubs and hiking possibilities in the neighbouring Seven Mountains National Park.

What opportunities exist for students after they graduate?

The Hospitality industry is growing exponentially across the globe and the demand for our graduates often exceeds the supply. In all positions, our graduates usually start at supervisory or middle management level depending on their prior experiences in all areas of the Hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, Hospitality consulting, Hospitality finance, investment and Real Estate Management.

Some recent alumni success stories include that of Mr. Christoph Heyn, Corporate Manager eCommerce Marketing at the Ritz Carlton Hotels LLC in Washington HQ – recent graduate who within two years made his way to one of the headquarter of one of the leading hotel company in the world. Another notable alumnus is Mr. Tobias Weissinger, Analyst for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority – graduate in 2006 and worked in the field of hotel investment and real estate in London before moving to Abu Dhabi.

To find out more about studying at IUBH Hospitality Management School in Bad Honnef, please visit their website