Earthquake and tsunami in Japan
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Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

By now you’ve heard of the terrible earthquake and tsunami that have devastated the area around Tokyo. Some 500 people are currently confirmed dead or missing and many people are unable to reach or stay in their own homes.

If you want to follow breaking news regarding the disaster in Korean you can use Naver’s running archive of stories. Most stories in Korea right now are simple reportage of the damage and deaths, with some concern for Korean residents’ safety. A few stories wonder whether there will be effects felt in Korea; none so far, but scientists believe it is possible the peninsula may see a 6.0-scale earthquake.

Update: The Photo Chosunhas several galleries of images showing the scale of the destruction so far. This one shows some sort of whirlpool formed by the tsunami:


To search the Korean internet for news of this disaster, try the search term “일본 대지진” (Japan large earthquake), which is how it is being called in Korean.

Update: In addition to the incredible devastation, things are getting very scary in the Fukishima Daiichi and Daini (Fukushima First and Second) nuclear power plants.