Complaints about Virgin Blue’s new uniform
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Complaints about Virgin Blue’s new uniform

This story is just a follow up to my post the other week about the new Virgin Blue uniform design to keep readers informed on new developments.

Despite the publicity and glamour attached to the launch, and the designer’s promise about better fitting and practical uniforms, some Virgin Blue staff have now complained of rashes and discomfort, poor movement, the heat of the polyester fabric and an ill-fitting design.


New Virgin Blue uniforms. Pic: from The Age photo gallery.

There were two comments from staff reported in this article from

This was from a female attendant:

“The Virgin group is all about the look and they do not have the health and safety of the crew as a priority,” the flight attendant said.

“In an emergency these garments will be a hindrance, as the arms cannot be lifted above shoulder height due to the ill-fitting design.”

“And in the event of a fire, being 100 per cent polyester it would be like having plastic melted on to the skin.”

And from a male staff member:

“With the men’s shirts I keep getting rashes on my neck constantly. It is from the fabric – it is a polyester blend,” he said.

“This company is all about the look. They say safety first and there is nothing safe or healthy about these uniforms. The uniforms suffocate you.”

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