China: A government that “buries its head in the sand”
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China: A government that “buries its head in the sand”

The Middle East is witnessing change; pro-democracy campaigners have toppled administrations in Egypt and Tunisia and it’s starting to become clear that the democratic fervour is spreading within the region.

China’s ‘Jasmine Rallies’ that have been  inspired by events in the Middle East, are starting to become a growing concern for its authorities. Named after what has been achieved by pro-democracy campaigners in Tunisia, this movement is calling upon weekly protests on the country’s streets.

The Fresh Outlook spoke exclusively to Gao Wenqian, Senior Policy Advisor at Human Rights in China (HRIC). Mr Wenqian speaks about a multitude of issues that have contributed to the Jasmine Rallies; a movement he feels that “the government will not be able to defeat”.

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