Abbott vs Gillard: Who’s more sexist?
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Abbott vs Gillard: Who’s more sexist?

It seems to me that we should pause for a moment on International Women’s Day to consider some of the disgraceful attitudes against women held by Australia’s worst sexist, Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott.

Let’s collect just a few examples of the evidence:

  • Mr Abbott has draconian personal and meddling views about women. He has expressed his disgust about tattoos on women and about the personal grooming of the opposite sex. Without hesitation,  he publicly embarrasses people and judges them purely by their appearance. Sorry Mr Abbott, but this is a new century – we have a right to wear clothes and groom ourselves in any way we choose.
  • Tony Abbott also has worrying attitudes about working women, as demonstrated by the fact he allowed his Chief of Staff to quit as soon as she became a parent of twins.
  • You think Mr Abbott’s appalling attitude to women cannot get any worse? Think again. During the election campaign, Mr Abbott proposed a parental leave scheme that not only short-changed women but put their newborn infants at risk.

On International Women’s Day, it behooves all right-thinking people, regardless of political persuasion to condemn Tony Abbott for his antediluvian attitudes towards women. Get your rosaries off their ovaries, Mr Abbott!


All right – time to ‘fess up. Each and every one of these things in fact pertains to somebody other than Tony Abbott.

  • Here’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard on tattoos and skimpy dresses (oops, must make things a bit awkward at home.)
  • And Julia’s disapproval of beards.
  • Here’s what happened to Gillard’s Chief of Staff, a new parent of twins. Can’t women have children and work in Ms Gillard’s office at the same time?
  • It was in fact Tony Abbott who proposed a 6 month parental leave scheme at the last election. Gillard’s Parental Leave Scheme of 18 weeks was described as inadequate by experts at the Public Health Association of Australia because it fails to ensure an adequate period for babies to be breastfed.

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