Video shows photo of Kim Jong-il being burned
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Video shows photo of Kim Jong-il being burned

Original article in Korean is at this link.


A video has been uncovered of North Korean citizens defacing and burning photos of Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-suk in their home.

The 4:22 video shows a manager burning the official photos of Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-suk as well as writing sentences criticizing and insulting Kim Jong-il.

The North Korean internet newspaper website “Daily NK”, relying on the words of a North Korean defector, reported that “on January 1st of this year in a city in Hamgyeongbuk-do a manager in his own home sets fire to the photo and on a piece of paper writes ‘Kim Jong-il is a son of a dog, and Kim Jong-un is his bastard child’… This video was produced to show the hostility towards and generally bad opinion of Kim Jong-il within North Korea.”

The defector said that “the video was made secretly at home, but the home appears to be a typical North Korean home… The photos are the kind sent to managers and not ordinary painters.”

The video  shows the photos of Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-suk being set on fire, and then on a piece of paper it is written that “son of a dog Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un is shriveled and dead… he is your bastard son… you’ve never married, so now you come here and look for your son until you die? We don’t believe that.”

The defector who transmitted the video said that “this video was created to show the worsening state of public opinion in North Korea,” and the website said that it had published only still photographs because of concerns that its creator could be found by the North Korean authorities.