Storm analaysis and photos of Cyclone Yasi
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Storm analaysis and photos of Cyclone Yasi today published an incredible report on how Cyclone Yasi compares around the world. Photos including this one below of the storm superimposed over the USA, show the relative size of what Yasi threatened and the damage it would do if placed elsewhere in the world in more populated areas such as Asia or Europe.


Yasi seen superimposed over the USA. Pic:

Do read the article in full. The last few lines of it read:

These maps are merely visualisations of relative scales and are not meant to suggest storms of this level would form anywhere in the world.

Instead, they illustrate an annual threat that is, if not uniquely Australian, at least so much a part of our summer that we speak of “cyclone season” as though it is on a par with “cricket season”.

But every so often, we are forced to confront the raw power of our country and its dangers.

There is also a link on this story to an animation of the Queensland floods and how their size compared around the world, and some photo galleries of the preparations far north Queensland residents took before Cyclone Yasi struck.

There are also plenty of video galleries on the page.