Photos show devastation after Cyclone Yasi
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Photos show devastation after Cyclone Yasi

Images of the horrific damage wreaked by Cyclone Yasi in north Queensland are starting to filter out to people in this state, country and around the world.

While the last post was light-hearted and showed ways some Australians do cope with disaster, it’s not meant to be flippant about the full scale of that disaster and the heartache experienced by many – something I can relate to as I continue to clean up after the Brisbane floods.

There was a fantastic editorial in The Daily Telegraph entitled “Extreme moments that bare your soul” that’s worth a read. The first line reads, “Older people who have been in cyclone situations before try to disguise worried grimaces with torn smiles while they drink beer – white-knuckled.”

So yes, despite the humour, there is a lot of pain out there. And none of these images below are a laughing matter:


"A swimming pool at the Dunk Island resort lies buried under sand dumped by Cyclone Yasi." Picture: Brian Cassey Source: News Limited


"Reports are coming in that all banana crops have been lost and over $505 million worth of sugar cane is also gone." Picture: Jamie Hanson,


"Boats were tossed around like toys at Port Hinchinbrook Marina, on the coast near Cardwell." Picture: Evan Morgan. Pic:


"The devastation at Port Hinchinbrook was clear from the air." Picture: Evan Morgan.


"Cyclone Yasi slammed into Cardwell creating a massive storm surge and causing severe damage." Picture: Rob Maccoll.


"An aerial view of Tully in the wake of Cyclone Yasi." Photo: Paul Crock.


"A destroyed home in Tully." Photo: Dave Hunt.


"Townsville's Dylan Rushby with his car after it was put on its side by a falling tree as Cyclone Yasi passed." Photo: Ian Hitchcock.


"A man prepares to cross a flooded road under downed power lines after Cyclone Yasi passed through Cowley Beach." Photo: Tim Wimborne.


"A police officer waits on the edge of floodwaters over the Bruce Highway in Innisfail on February 3." Photo: Jonathan Wood/Getty Images.


"Strong winds are seen hitting a section of Townsville's Strand area on February 3." Photo: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images.


"Crowds pack a shopping mall used as an evacuation shelter in Cairns as the monstrous Cyclone Yasi approaches. Centres in some areas filled quickly as the threat became clear." (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)


"A photo taken by Adam Head in Townsville today that captures what much of the country is thinking tonight." From

Note – With these images I have listed the caption as it appeared on the news site from where I took it and the site where I found the image – for some images I am not sure if the photographers noted work for these news sites.

The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal now includes the flooding and Tropical Cyclone Yasi. If you wish to donate go to: