Photos of the Aussie spirit shining through disaster
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Photos of the Aussie spirit shining through disaster

Australians have always been good at making light of serious circumstances.

Here are some pictures gleaned from varying news sources showing that larrikin and help-your-mates spirit still at play even during the hardest moments of Cyclone Yasi and the recent Queensland/Victoria floods.

A beer with a view

From blog on Cyclone Yasi:

3.22am Daryl Webber has told how he celebrated his 42nd birthday on Wednesday night waiting for Cyclone Yasi to smash down on his home at Silky Oak, 5km south of Tully. Little of the home he shared with his mates Andrew Schirner and Mick Pearson was left yesterday. But they managed to celebrate the passing of the cyclone with a beer and a laugh.

“I was yelling out, ‘Stay down and duck for cover’. When the cyclone hit we just hoped for the best, because if the house went, we knew we would be gone, too.”


Daryl Webber (black shirt) with mates Mick Pearson (no shirt) and Andrew Schirner in their newly air-conditioned loungeroom. Picture: Rob Maccoll Source: Herald Sun

Battered but not beaten

From the blog on Cyclone Yasi:

8.49amĀ  A message sprayed on debris shows the spirit of a home-owner after the building was destroyed in Tully.


Sign in Tully after Cyclone Yasi. Pic from

Telstra Snake Pit

From the blog on the Queensland floods:

12.11pm: Telstra has posted a photo of red-bellied snakes hiding in a Telstra “pit” – one of those holes in the ground for communication lines – from one of their engineers out on repairs.

And the remark on Twitpic from user yoggit: “Interesting place for Telstra execs to hold a meeting.”


Telstra snake pit from

Kangaroo man

From on the Queensland floods:

Raymond rescued the joey about 100 meters down the road from his home in Ipswich.

When Ray got to the roo only it’s eyes were visible.

“It had got itself wedged onto a log, on debris, I was lucky that it hit that log because if it hadn’t of hit that log I wouldn’t have reached it.”


Kangaroo man. Photo taken from

Hope St

From during the Queensland floods:

11.08am: Brent Clayton of West End in Brisbane writes:

Took this pic today…. Now we know where to go :)


Hope St, from

Excuse the mess

From during the Queensland floods:

“EXCUSE the mess,” said storeman Steve Tunny as we stood on the crockery cupboard of his upturned and crushed caravan, walls stained in the excrement which ran from his toilet when the flood of the century turned Gailes Caravan Village into a no-go toxic scrapyard.

“I really wasn’t expecting visitors,” he said.

Mr Tunny has watched well-intentioned volunteers turn back at the gates of the park, repelled by the intensity of the smell.

“Don’t breathe too deep,” warned his neighbour Doug Tate, at the bottom, lower section of the village. “There are diseases in this air. You are seriously risking your life just standing here.”

This was the village of the damned, where 100 permanent residents were made homeless last Wednesday night when 8m of floodwater filled with sewage from the neighbouring bomb site that is the suburb of Goodna engulfed it.


Excuse the mess, from

King Wally prepares for floods

From during the Queensland floods:

12.1.11: King Wally prepares for floods. (Source: Twitpic@mackiemarsellos)

A photo of a statue of rugby league legend Wally Lewis wearing a snorkel and floaties has become a hit on Twitter during the Brisbane floods crisis.


King Wally prepares for floods. Source: Twitpic@mackiemarsellos

Pubs still open

A quote on Cnn on the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi:

If the pubs are open, that’s a good thing for the country.

–Carly Wallace, Tolga resident