Philippines 5th biggest Facebook nation: Users up 1.7m in a month
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Philippines 5th biggest Facebook nation: Users up 1.7m in a month

The number of Filipinos on Facebook continues to rise, and helps the Philippines keep its position as the fifth largest in the world’s leading social networking site.

Facebook analytics company SocialBakers reports that, as of Feb. 2011, there are now 22,515,820 Filipinos on Facebook:


The latest Facebook stats for the Philippines, as grabbed from

This means 1.7-million Filipinos signed up on Facebook in a month and represents an increase of seven percent from 20,802,540 in Jan. 2011, as reported by Philippine tech company Yehey!, also citing SocialBakers.

SocialBakers also reports on its frontpage tally that the Philippines keeps its rank of No. 5 among countries with the largest numbers of Facebook users:


PH is No. 5 on Facebook, says SocialBakers.

Yehey! last month released an infographic on Filipino users and usage of Facebook.

Filipinos are a natural fit for social networking as we are fond of finding out our links with the people we study or work it, even those who we merely meet and newfound friends. In fact, Filipinos still keep the business running for also-ran Friendster, with a considerable number of its remaining active users coming from the Philippines.

Government officials and activists, businesses and labor, prominent personalities and ordinary folk, and practically a chunk of the Philippine middle class could now be found on Facebook.