Must-have wine: The Best Beaujolais in a generation
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Must-have wine: The Best Beaujolais in a generation

Look out wine snobs, Asia Sentinel’s Wandering Palate Curtis Marsh names lowly Beaujolais from Georges Duboeuf as his red French wine of the year. Alors!

Georges Duboeuf Chateau des Capitans Julienas 2009 &

Georges Duboeuf Morgon Domaine Mont Chavy 2009

Beaujolais, France

I can already sense the disbelief from the wine cognoscenti, Beaujolais? How could Beaujolais eclipse Bordeaux, Burgundy or the Rhone Valley? Surely he can’t be serious!

Well I am, moreover unequivocal in my choice and can genuinely say that these two wines gave me the greatest (French) drinking pleasure of the year, trying them both in a tasting line-up held by Franck Duboeuf, and separately over a meal.

I revisited the Chateau des Capitans Julienas over dinner with legendary UK wine retailer, Noel Young, who agreed the wine was “Such a pleasure to drink” and without question, an extraordinary year. “Not much color for Beaujolais” Young quipped, as we both held our glasses up in amazement at the impenetrable black color of the wine, generally not associated to Beaujolais’ robe.

It is no secret that the 2009 Beaujolais vintage was exceptional, indeed a phenomenal year that is on par with the legendary 1947 vintage. Georges and Franck Duboeuf, the doyens of the Beaujolais region, have declared it “The Vintage of a Lifetime”.

It was a great privilege to join Franck Duboeuf, in Singapore recently, to taste through a large part of the Georges Duboeuf range, both the signature Flower Series and Cru Beaujolais from single properties, Domaine or Chateau wines.


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