Live north Queensland emergency radio
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Live north Queensland emergency radio

As Cyclone Yasi bears down on north Queensland, you can listen in to Cairns police radio here. (Just click on the speaker symbol). Queensland police codes for reference here. (An emergency services feed is supposed to be here, but it’s not working for me yet.)

This storm is massive.

All seems quiet at this stage, but as usual, police time taken with people who are not at all prepared.

UPDATE: Webcam here (Click on “side by side cams here” to enlarge.)

UPDATE: Message to the storm.

UPDATE: Size of Yasi compared to the rest of the world.

UPDATE: Live streaming from Townsville here. Nothing much to see – yet.

UPDATE: Another Townsville webcam here.

UPDATE: Interactive weather map here.

UPDATE: What to do in a hurricane.

UPDATE: Tourist gets television guide safely.

UPDATE: Fair comment.

UPDATE: Not much happening over the scanners. Crazy storm chasers live streaming.

UPDATE: Live blog from Townsville via a WA newspaper. Maybe this is the guy who got the TV guide.

UPDATE: Storm chasers report from Ingham that the worst is still possibly 6 hours ago.

UPDATE: What Yasi stands for.

UPDATE: First reports of rooves lost.

UPDATE: Cyclone Yasi – the graphs.

UPDATE: Stormchasers report things taking a turn for the worst – massive gusts, 160 kph rooves coming off in Ingham.

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