An entertaining theory on Raymond Davis
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An entertaining theory on Raymond Davis

So last night, I was hanging out with AKS, Mrs. AKS and Farooq. AKS relayed an interesting (conspiracy) theory that had us all nodding in appreciation. The story goes that, on that fateful day, Raymond Davis was meeting people that the U.S. would not want Pakistani intelligence to know they were meeting. For example, he could’ve been meeting some random militant/Taliban type. Maybe he said or did something with said militant/Taliban type that he shouldn’t have. Furthermore, maybe the two “robbers” he shot were ISI people, and the two ISI people, following Davis, saw something that compromised Davis and the Americans. Maybe Davis got spooked, realized they had compromising information, and killed them in cold blood.

Maybe, maybe, maybe. Who knows? This story gets crazier by the day. But you have to admit, if that was a plot of a Hollywood movie, you’d be super engaged watching it.

The question now dominating my Facebook feed is who would play Davis if this were to become a movie; last night the four of us settled on one of Mark Wahlberg or Matt Damon.


Either of you interested in relocating to Karachi for a movie shoot?

Anyway, the PPP government is obviously in a bit of a pickle over this. There are basically no good options and only bad options. Just look at the way they treated two senior members of their own party and cabinet recently: Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Davis doesn’t have full diplomatic immunity, and then he got fired. Fauzia Wahab said Davis does have immunity, and then she got fired. Call me crazy, but those two positions seem to exhaust the universe of possibilities here. And it seems the PPP is opposed to both of them, poor guys.

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