Rehman Malik should not give quotes to newspapers
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Rehman Malik should not give quotes to newspapers

I’m sorry, I should be in bed right now, but I know I won’t be able to sleep because of what I just read. Please check this tidbit out from the NYT:

Government ministers and party officials indicated that they were dropping the campaign to change the blasphemy laws that Mr. Taseer had championed. No senior official would be drawn to comment on the religious extremist aspect of the killing at the funeral. Those who did comment, indicated a shift in the government position, by suggesting the killing was a political murder and a conspiracy, rather than a religiously motivated attack.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureishi avoided all comment and merely expressed his condolences to the family when approached by journalists. The Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, went as far as to say he would shoot any blasphemer himself.

Now, we all know Rehman Malik is a bumbling fool, but this really takes the cake. Way to honor your party colleague, buddy. Well done. Seriously, well played.


I should probably cover my mouth more often. Photo:AP.

Who does Rehman Malik think he’s fooling here? First of all, in a literal sense, we obviously know Rehman Malik would not shoot a blasphemer. So the implication is that he is very much against blasphemy, and is using a colorful way of expressing that opinion. In essence, him (and the rest of the backwards-stepping PPP) are saying “No! No! You had us all wrong! We are not the party of Sherry Rehman and Salman Taseer! We like the blasphemy laws just as much as you do! Honest!”

The only problem is that no one with half a brain cell would ever buy that. Does anyone think that the median voter is going to read that statement, drop all their acquired knowledge on the PPP, and think “Ah, fantastic. I can now vote for them. They are the party of Islam”? Please.

As grating as the incredibly stupid political logic in this statement is the complete lack of grace and class it shows. It was bad enough that the Babar Awans of the world completely sold out their party colleagues Sherry Rehman and Salman Taseer and their efforts to get these ridiculous laws changed. But selling him out the day after he died? Just fantastic. Real unity shown there. Kudos.

Rehman Malik is a joke, always has been a joke, and always will be a joke. He is a joke of an Interior Minister, and my guess is that he would be a joke of a shift manager at McDonald’s.

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