North Korean heir gets new palaces
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North Korean heir gets new palaces

Sure, life is tough in North Korea.  There is famine, flooding caused by mountainside deforestation, and political prison camps with casts of thousands.


However, things are not all bad.  Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s heir apparent, is getting new digs in keeping with his new position:

A house in central Pyongyang where Kim Jong-un grew up has been upgraded to luxury specifications. It is connected by a tunnel to his father’s house.

A new villa in North Hamgyong province, known for its hot springs and spas, also is believed to be for Kim Jong-un. Local residents were forced to build a railway line and road leading to it, the report said.

A huge structure being built on the coast at Songdowon has an undersea gallery with a view of aquatic life 300 feet under the surface.

As bad as it seems, it is even worse.  North Koreans put to work on these homes were likely pulled from more economically productive activities, however marginally so under the North Korean system.

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