Facebook in the Philippines infographic
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Facebook in the Philippines infographic

When it comes to Southeast Asia and social media the world is becoming acutely more of Indonesia and its sheer size and influence on channels such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, Indonesian hashtags regularly trend in reflection of its popularity in the country.

Malaysia has recently been in the news after Google announced plans for an office in Kuala Lumpur but let’s not forget the Philippines which boasts the world’s fourth largest userbase on Facebook.

The infographic below, produced by Yehey, serves as a interesting bite-sized view of the Philippines on Facebook (click the image for enlarged version).


It’s also worth noting that the country’s Twitter credentials are equally as strong with it standing as the fourth largest user in the rapidly growing Asian market with more than 3.5 million users as of August 2010. Twitter has also seen mainstream use by the country’s President Aquino and came to national attention when a government intern caused a stir tweeting inappropriate messages.

For me personally, a visual representation of the Philippines Twitter usage would be even more insightful and compelling.

Via fellow Asian Correspondent blogger Tonyo Cruz