Bus slams into oil tanker in Pakistan, 32 killed
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Bus slams into oil tanker in Pakistan, 32 killed

NOORIABAD, Pakistan (AP) — Police say a bus collided with an oil tanker in southern Pakistan, setting off a blazing inferno that killed 32 people.

Local police chief Mohammad Farooq said the accident occurred before dawn Sunday near Nooriabad town. The bus driver reportedly fell asleep and lost control.

Farooq said the dead included women and children. Nine people were injured.

Survivors told authorities that passengers twice asked the driver to stop the vehicle and rest to avoid an accident.

One of the survivors told a local TV station that only a few young men were able to crawl out of the back of the bus and save themselves. The rest were burned alive.

AP Television News footage showed the charred shell of the bus and rescuers carrying a blackened body to an ambulance.