Brisbane still the ultimate study destination
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Brisbane still the ultimate study destination


In Queensland we have so much to be grateful for. In the aftermath of some of the heaviest rains in decades what has shined through along with the sun is the realisation that we live in a truly amazing city.

Grateful of our State Emergency Services that used many forms of media as well as door to door knocking to ensure all those in low lying areas had plenty of time to get home to lift furniture.  Constant updates on river levels and the expected maximum height of the river had been the saving grace for so many.  Emergency Service people worked tirelessly, some for 70 – 80 hours without sleep or rest to ensure the safety of the Brisbane people.


And for those who unfortunately did not get their belongings out in time the slowly rising Brisbane River crept up into their homes, there was an unprecedented response from the 99 percent of Brisbane residents not affected by the waters.

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We are grateful to live in a city where compassion, generosity and friendliness flourish and our sense of humour remains.     The city of Brisbane has been transformed from a thriving modern city to what some have called “one big family”.  Thousands upon thousands of fellow Brisbanites descended upon those who were less fortunate than themselves with mops, buckets, brooms and shovels in hand.  They lined the streets, queued for hours to be bussed to an unknown location, to clean for people also unknown.   Many were turned away as there were too many volunteers for support services to handle.    Everywhere you turn we see an amazing display of random acts of kindness.

Looking forward, our state will need to begin repairing infrastructure, rebuilding homes, assessing and processing insurance claims.  With our employment rate already extremely low, opportunities for both part time employment through to skilled professionals throughout private and government sectors will be in significant demand.


Queensland has the fastest growing state economy in Australia, with an annual economic growth at over 4 per cent.  It has consistently outperformed the national economy, with Brisbane being the engine room of the state’s outstanding economic performance. Queensland’s contribution has boosted Australia’s ranking as the most resilient economy in the world for five of the past six years outperforming many other countries like USA, the UK and Spain.  Well resourced to bounce back economically, all we need now is people power to facilitate is reconstruction.

Brisbane’s key sectors include information and communication technology, creative industries, life sciences, food & beverage, tourism infrastructure, manufacturing and logistics & distribution.

Graduating students from James Cook University Brisbane who have completed any one of our highly regarded Business, IT, Hospitality Management or Tourism degrees will have positioned themselves to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance their career and improve their lifestyle.


So be a part of the Brisbane Success Story and study in a friendly, helpful and caring community that offers outstanding employment opportunities and an educational quality second to none.  Improve your English through conversations with people that are friendly and eager to help you in a community that is multicultural and welcoming.

Visit to find out how.