WikiLeaks and Thailand
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WikiLeaks and Thailand

WikiLeaks has in its possession some 251,287 cables from US Embassies, Consulates and the State Department. So far they have only released 471 cables and more are being released each day, but none from either the US Embassy in Bangkok nor the US Consulate in Chiang Mai. Most of the cables relate to the time period 2004- February 2010. For a complete list of the dates and subject of all the cables (unsure though if only for the US Embassy in Bangkok and thus not including the Consulate) go here. For a glossary of all the tags, go here. The cables include only those up to SECRET classification so any juicy communications intelligence, signals intelligence, or human intelligence material which would be classified as TOP SECRET is unlikely to be available (i.e. if there was any information passed onto to Suthep by the US, it is unlikely to be there although the fall-out from it may be…)

Nevertheless, there are likely to be a number of cables on Thai domestic politics including Thaksin’s human rights records, Thaksin and overseas bank accounts, health issues, the PAD rallies and who the backers were etc. Some interesting dates or cables to look at will be:

Cables on the violence in the Deep South;

Cables on Thaksin’s human rights records and corruption;

Cables on political protests of 2005-2006;

Cables on Cambodia-Thai relations and particularly Preah Vihear;

Cables in the lead-up to the September 19 coup and what the US was told in advance of the coup and US private thoughts on the coup;

Cables on US views on Sino-Thai relations particularly on the military exercises;

Cables on US CIA black sites – don’t imagine the juicy ones, but there must be some particularly on Thai domestic reaction and the continual denials domestically in Thailand;

Cables on US Embassy views of the Surayud administration and particularly on the referendum and lead-up to 2007 General Election;

Cables on Samak and the military; Samak and Thaksin;

Cables on Thaksin and his travels and Thai representations made;

Cables on Bout’s arrest;

Cables on PAD protests particularly seizing of Govt House and airports in 2008;

Cables on change of government in 2008 and military’s role and the role of other players;

Cables on the rise of the UDD, the UDD protests of 2009, and related incidents;

Cables about health issues;

Cable of February 2010 on Saudi Arabia and Thailand relations (cough blue diamond cough)

BP: According to Der Spiegel there are 2,941 cables from the US Embassy in Bangkok and another 278 from the Consulate in Chiang Mai – slightly higher figures are also quoted elsewhere. You will also have cables from the State Department about Thailand. There could be some information in the cables that would be very embarrassing and revealing particularly on reports by US Embassy staff after meetings with senior Thai officials and members of the elite. Then with the news that WikLeaks is facing Distributed Denial of Services attacks today:

Both WikiLeaks and the cable site appeared to be operating normally by Tuesday afternoon EST. The latest assaults appeared to originate from IP addresses in Russia and Thailand, according to a blog post from security firm Arbor Networks.

BP: Are there just so many compromised machines in Thailand (i.e computers infected by malware controlled by people outside of Thailand) or well are the attacks coming from Thailand. If the latter, why?……*

A site, Thai Cables, has been set up (until is is blocked and another site is set up to replace it….) to provide details of the cables. 

*Sentence amended to clarify meaning