Two pieces you should absolutely read on the fake Wikileaks fiasco
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Two pieces you should absolutely read on the fake Wikileaks fiasco

I’m not even going to begin to synopsize either of these articles. Just read them both, carefully. The first is by Geo News‘ MD Azhar Abbas, a front page piece in The News. The second is an op-ed by Cyril Almeida in today’s Dawn. They both describe what any half-rational person already knew: that our agencies, in covering up any potential embarassment in the real Wikileaks, decided to temper that by going on the offense with fake Wikileaks. They also both go into some of the background on why this is happening now, and with such fervor.

The important thing for me is not that this is being said but who is saying it. These are two of the best known journalists in Pakistan, writing for the two most widely read English newspapers. And yes, the masses may not read English, but I can promise you the upper echelon ISI officers do. I think it’s very, uh, interesting that the ISI is being taken on in such explicit terms with regard to such specific accusations. The liberal press in Pakistan usually criticizes the ISI in general terms — “Too involved in politics” or “bad for our long term national interest” or whatever. By contrast, this is about a discrete event, that happened very recently, and that caused great embarrassment to Pakistan.

That’s my impression anyway. Whether you agree with me or not, just make sure to read both the articles linked here.

UPDATE: Via Twitter user @FarazShams, just wanted to alert you guys that the Abbas piece was printed in Jang too.