Thai military: We haven’t hurt or killed any reds
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Thai military: We haven’t hurt or killed any reds

NPR has this quote from Col. Sansern Kaewkamnerd, spokesman for the military’s Center for Resolution of the Emergency Situation:

Critics, meanwhile, say the military is stonewalling probes into who killed protesters. Sansern says the military is not to blame.

I can categorically deny that the army has killed or hurt any Red Shirts or protesters, including the Japanese journalist,” he says. “Killing those persons would bring us no benefit whatsoever.”

At least, he clarifies, investigations have yet concluded that soldiers killed any civilians, including Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto, who was fatally shot while filming the riot

BP: Not a single one?*

btw, hasn’t Col. Sansern been a bit quite since his days on the cover of Lips magazine, a Thai fashion magazine…..

*There are red shirts who take the position and say they were not responsible for any violence or burning of buildings.

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